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Need An Engaging Speaker For Your Event?


Keynote Presentation: Birth Trauma for Moms and Babies - Prevention and Healing, at the International Conference on Nursing and Midwifery.

Anne Margolis is an Interactional Speaker, Birth Educator, Certified Nurse Midwife, Certified Yoga Teacher, Licensed Femme! Teacher and Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. Anne has served on many question and answer panels, ranging from intimate audiences to a crowd of over 800 people. She is a third generation of  professionals in her family who have helped mamas bring babies into the world. She has personally helped thousands of mothers and their families in her 21+ year midwifery and holistic gynecology practice.

Anne is a two times number one national and internationalbest selling author of 'Natural Birth Secrets: An Insiders Guide How To Give Birth Holistically, Healthfully and Safely, and Love the Experience', and also 'Trauma Release Formula: The Revolutionary Step by Step Program for Eliminating Effects of Childhood Abuse, Trauma, Emotional Pain and Crippling Inner Stress, to Living in Joy without Drugs or Therapy.' Anne’s work, insights and advice have been seen on TV shows and movies including 4 episodes of 'A Baby Story' on TLC Discovery Channel, and the award winning feature documentary, 'Orgasmic Birth' and 'The Human Longevity Project.' She has been interviewed for multiple local, national and international radio programs, shows and podcasts. Anne has also been a featured speaker and expert panelist at distinguished events for Weil-Cornell School of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, RCC State University of New York School of Nursing, and Birthnet Association of Childbirth Professionals and Hudson Valley Birth Network to name a few. Anne's Clarity Breathwork and Femme! healing movement workshops have been hosted at several yoga studios and wellness centers, including the conscious, high vibration and transformational community at The Assemblage in NYC. Anne is a proud founding member of The Health and Wellness Business Association, which was created to promote initiatives that support better collaboration, interaction and ethical business practices within the health and wellness business community.



Use the form below to inquire for booking. Please share a little about your event and vision (see speaking topics below):

Sample Speaking Topics Include:


  • Questions to Ask Your Provider; Choosing and Switching Providers; Pros and Cons of Different Types of Midwifery and Obstetrical Training and Philosophy - Implications for Care.

  • Achieving Optimal Health in Pregnancy Mind/Body/Heart/Spirit: Holistic Maternity Care

  • Kids, Extended Family and Friends Present at Birth - Pros and Cons, and Preparation

  • What's a Doula, and Why, and When Do I Recommend One

  • Why is Preparing for Childbirth and Postpartum SO Crucial Today, the Hows, Birth Planning then Surrendering; Expecting the Unexpected, Dealing With the Concept of Pain and Shifting Mindset For Success, With Stories

  • Informed Decision Making - Common Tests and Procedures Along the Journey


  • Please Don't Disturb; First Do No Harm

  • Birth Trauma - Prevention and Healing

  • Birthing Mindfully, With Pleasure - Loving Your Experience However It Unfolds

  • Homebirth (Memoirs of A Homebirth Midwife)

  • Homebirth Midwifery Model of Care, What to Expect During The Journey, Outcomes and Safety. Can All Women Have a Homebirth?

  • How To Have A Homebirth-Like Experience in the Hospital

  • The Unnecesarean - Birth Stories and How They Might Have Been Managed Differently By a Midwife

  • Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathwork and Visualization... as well as Optimal Positions and Dance For Labor and Birth


  • Postpartum Support Planning

  • Healing from Repressed Emotional Pain and Trauma, Including Birth Trauma and My Own Personal Experience

  • Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, Prevention and Healing - My Own Personal Experience With Postpartum Illness and Recovery, And Helping Others Heal

  • Self Care and Self Love: Essentials for Moms; Managing Stress and Creating Joy

Women’s Wellness

  • The Revolutionary Healing From Inner Stress, Emotional Pain, and Past Trauma Plaguing Human Beings, Causing Physical and Psychological Dis-ease and Illness, with Clarity Breathwork ...and Dance to Process Emotions and Create Joy

  • My Life Changing Experience in Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts; Reclaiming Your Sacred Feminine Voice and Power, Living in Rapture, Embracing and Processing the Rupture; Creating and Maintaining Sisterhood

  • Fertility Awareness to Prevent or Plan for Pregnancy and Get Most Accurate Estimated Due Date

  • Sexual Abuse of Women by the Clergy - My Story Hearing From Women, Testifying and Responsibility to Seek Justice

  • Personal Experience Dealing With the Serious Life Threatening Illness of My Daughter, Miraculous Recovery, and Even More Miraculous Fertility x 2 After Cutting Edge Fertility Preservation Prior To Chemo and Battle With Infertility, and Immediate Effects of Prayer

Birth Professionals

  • My Journey From Obstetric Nursing to Hospital then Homebirth Midwifery

  • Assisting a Homebirth Midwife

  • What's It Like to Study and Practice Midwifery, The Beauty, The Obstacles and The Challenges, Balancing Family, Preventing Burn Out - Includes My Own Experience

  • Pros and Cons of Different Routes to Midwifery, Integrating Them All in Practice

  • Handling Birth Emergencies as a Doula at Home With Client, Before Ambulance or Midwife/OB Arrives

  • Dealing With Health Insurance; Stories That Need Telling