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In Person Holistic Gynecology

Whole Well Woman Care In Nyack, New York

Artwork by Catie Atkinson  @spiritysol

Artwork by Catie Atkinson @spiritysol

Are you looking for alternatives to the typical short, unsatisfying GYN visits? Do you desire a different approach to prescriptions of synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or other medications that do not often lead to healing? Do you want to learn and connect to your body, take charge of your fertility, and use a more holistic approach to caring for yourself? If the answer is yes, my Whole Woman Gynecology Care is perfect for you.

As a Certified Nurse Midwife and an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner, I specialize in the full life cycle of supporting women. Part of my holistic approach to working with women over the last 20 plus years includes holistic gynecology in my home office in Nyack, New York.

I provide care for women from teenage needs, through childbearing years, to menopause and beyond. I take the time needed for a complete and thorough health assessment, considering the mind, body, heart and soul connection.

I offer individualized diagnostic and treatment plans with a variety of healing modalities, to help you achieve optimal health and well-being, and live a life of inner peace and joy. This is not a quick 15 minutes and you are done approach. We'll look at what’s going on in your life, lifestyle habits, diet, dreams, and goals.



How It Works...

We’ll start with a comprehensive Wellness Assessment and Intake Form to get the full perspective of all the moving parts of your life physically, mentally and emotionally since they all interconnect and influence one another and your over all well-being.

Then we’ll have a 1.5-Hour Holistic Gynecology Visit  where we will do a deep dive into the assessment and every aspect of your life including medical and surgical history, medications and supplements you take, allergies, genetics and family history, gynecology/menstrual history, past pregnancy history, psychosocial history, diet, exercise, stressors and coping, support, hobbies, recreation and lifestyle. From there we will do an exam, labs and pap smear as indicated, and tailor your session to address any concerns you might be having. 

Your Holistic Gynecology Visit Can Be Customized To Include The Following As Needed:


Physicals, Testing, Lab Work & Prescriptions

  • Sexually transmitted infection testing & treatment
  • Hormone level assessments with supplements for balancing
  • Thyroid screening
  • Ultrasound testing
  • Mammogram prescriptions
  • Prescriptions for breast thermography (and other alternative breast cancer screening)
  • Female cancer screening
  • Bone DEXA scans and bone health testing
  • Lab work: blood tests, urine samples, vaginal/cervical swabs
  • Lifestyle, diet & exercise assessment
  • Individualized whole health counseling & education
  • Alternative remedies and/or medical prescriptions as needed

Fertility Awareness Education

  • Menstrual cycle & ovulation charting
  • Basal body temperature tracking
  • Cervical fluid assessment
  • Cyclic changes awareness
  • Customized fertility diet & supplements


Annual Checkup & Preventative Care

  • Basic physical, breast & pelvic exam
  • Pap smear & HPV
  • Common infection screening
  • Basic lab testing

Women's Life Cycle Care

  • PMS, cramping & menstrual problems
  • Irregular cycles
  • Adjusting menstrual cycles for weddings and special occasions
  • Preconception counseling & screening 
  • UTIs, yeast infections &  other vaginal and cervical infection treatment
  • Menopause support (specializing in alternative remedies for common symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, and vaginal dryness)

Pregnancy Prevention

  • Natural family planning
  • IUDs
  • Birth control hormones
  • Barrier methods

Here's What Women Are Saying About My Holistic Gynecology....

Photo by NADOFOTOS/iStock / Getty Images
“I really feel you helped me in such a big way with my PMS and I am super excited starting a new chapter. I thought I was going crazy and now I feel so feel normal. The way you taught me about my cycle and how I tick as a woman gave me a much better more empowered outlook. I really think I got my life back! You are more than wonderful and amazing at what you do. Wow. I feel so great after just a few months.”
— Beyond grateful, Louise
“Thank you for the wonderful visits, for listening to me, your understanding, for teaching me about my body, and for all your help with my cycles. I was a real mess. I never thought I would get answers or have a way to help me naturally. I did not want to have to take drugs - but it comforted me to know you would prescribe them if I needed. You made such a big difference in my life and I never expected that to happen!”
— Sincerely, Felicia
Photo by mheim3011/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by flyparade/iStock / Getty Images
“Thanks so much for your heartfelt presence, for your competence, compassion and creative care during my menopause troubles. Thank You doesn’t seem enough. You are truly a gift to me. I couldn’t have gone thorough it as well as I did without your wisdom, care and guidance.”
— Much gratitude and love, Marsha


Services take place in my home office in Nyack, New York

Photo by PetarPaunchev/iStock / Getty Images
“I have longed for the quality of medical help you offer for many years. I didn’t know what it was I wanted, needed so I committed to search. There is compassion, humanity, gentleness, nurturing - no pressure to hurry up and leave your home. I can’t call it an office - yet you maintain the security of competence and professionalism. I am filled with gratitude to my higher power for leading me to you and gratitude to you for what you do. As I arrived and waited and watched and spoke with you about my sensitive gynecology issues, listened to you and left I felt I was part of a community. I felt cared for and that there was hope. I felt like a women, not just a patient, and that you did not just give the pill like all the other doctors. You helped me like no one else has ever done, from all angles, to get to the root of my symptoms and really heal.”
— I am forever grateful. Nicole
Photo by kali9/iStock / Getty Images
“Thanks so much for the wonderful news yesterday about my cholesterol being down to normal, and with all the other numbers being so good! What a way to make my day! I have really been blessed by you. I am so grateful for everything you taught me and your help lowering my cholesterol. No one ever took the time to explain it like you did. No one ever gave me things I can do in my life or told me about natural remedies I could take that work. Not only did my my lab numbers improve but also I feel like a new person. I actually feel younger! And I sure feel healthier than I ever did. I am attaching a picture of me doing the brisk walking you suggested. I do it outside when the weather is good, and in the mall when it’s not good weather. I am so proud of myself. I am going to do my best to keep at it! I can’t wait until our next appointment - even just to talk with you and give you a hug. Again, thanks for all you are ... not only a great “doctor” even though they call you a midwife - you’re as a good a one or better than any I have ever had...but more than that, you are my friend and I love you dearly. Take care and keep up the great work you’re doing for so many.
Blessings to you!”
— Love, prayers and hugs Sunny