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Photo Credit: @KCBTAGrams

Photo Credit: @KCBTAGrams

If you feel that my work has helped you and you'd like to support my passion and mission to spread ideas like improving maternity and newborn care, outcomes, and experiences; helping, supporting, inspiring, educating and empowering women and their families; preventing and guiding people to heal from emotional pain and trauma, live in inner calm and joy; promoting my values of courage, openness, kindness, sensitivity, high positive vibes, conscious living, compassion, unconditional love and community, please make a donation below. I'm very grateful for your support. 

Being supported by my readers enables me to sustain the huge costs and enormous amount of time involved in maintaining my social media pages, blog and newsletter that many thousands of people benefit from  around the world. I need your help so  that I can continue to give more output to the online community, according to my high standards and authentic philosophies, completely free of charge, as I have been doing tirelessly and at my own expense since the onset. 

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, Anne



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Other - any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will help sustain my free services.